We know kung-fu!

We are big fans of “The Matrix” here a Rapid Evolve. Our core concept and driving force surround learning quickly and taking action. For over 20 years, we have refined our consulting experience by working with numerous small to large companies and organizations. Industries include healthcare, manufacturing, local and federal government to name a few.


In addition to our expertise, we have worked hard to forge long-lasting relationships with our industry partners. Our results and customer service have gained us awards and respect from to officials. We have also been named “trusted advisors” by the clients we serve.

We know the value of hard work.

We know customer engagement.

We know the importance of timely data.

We know teamwork wins championships.


So when we say, “we know kung-fu”,
we’re more than willing to show you.


Rapid Evolve, LLC
Made in Chesapeake, VA

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